Connect your Tablet to your computer

Using the USB cable connect your tablet to the USB port on your computer.

** if the USB Connection Auto Play screen does not appear.  verify that the USB symbol appears in the task bar.

if so then press the USB soft key here in the task bar to continue.


Here you can also Select:

USB Connected, Select to copy files To and From your computer.



Mass Storage Window


this mass storage window will appear.

Select : Turn On USB Storage.


While in USB mode you will only have access to the folders on your Tablet.

Other Application features will be disabled until you turn off the USB Storage.

Select : Turn On USB Storage


USB Connection Auto Play.

the USB AutoPlay window will appear

Select: Open folders to view files


Explorer window will appear

Select the appropriate folder and Copy and Paste Between your Tablet and your Computer.





**Note:  if you do not have folders for Music / Video or they do not appear,  you can create them.

Within the explorer window of you tablet

1. Click the right mouse button and Select New, Select Folder


2. Name this folder Music or Video or what ever you prefer.

3. Proceed to copy the music here in this folder.

** Your Tablet will automatically find the Music / Video to be play.