Battery management and charge: before your first use of the tablet, please ensure that the battery is fully charged.  You will need to connect to the AC adapter or a USB interface to charge your device.  For the first two times of charging please keep your device connected for at least 7 Hours.  Any time after that, it is recommended to charge for approximately 4 hours

During the charging, the battery icon will scroll to show charging in progress. When charging is complete, the battery icon will become green and stop scrolling.  In order to prolong the battery life of the tablet, it is recommended to drain the battery before charging it fully.


If you haven't used the tablet for a certain amount of time;

you can avoid power consumption damage by using / charging the tablet once a month. 


When you turn on your tablet and it automatically shuts down;

you will need to connect to your AC adapter until it has enough power to open the main screen.


When the tablet is charging;

it should be in standby mode until it reaches its normal charge capacity.  if you are using the device while charging, it may take a long time to charge fully.