YouTube will function better if you install the application.  unfortunately SlideMe does not have it available.


You have to go to another location to download it.  With the YouTube app downloaded it will function a lot faster then going to the website directly.  This is just one example of a website that has android apps available.


1.  We have to check a setting in your tablet to allow you to go to alternate websites to download apps.

Go to Settings, Security, Unknown Sources,  Make sure this area is checked.  you can also un-check later if you wish.





2. While on your tablet, go to this website.  the YouTube 4.5.17 will work or you can search for the latest version of the app.



3.  Select a download Mirror and the App will begin to download.



4. Select file you just downloaded and correct version if you have more the one in the download screen.



5. If you do not have the app installed you will go directly to install.  if you have a older version you will get this Replace confirmation.



6.  Select Install.




7.  You can use your Google id to login to YouTube, or just have the default player and Select "Not Now".



8. Confirm Installation